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Justice Jones

A highly trained secret service agent gets injured saving the President’s life and undergoes experimental brain surgery as a result, but when he suffers severe side effects, the ruthless government scientist that performed the operation sets out to kill him to cover things up.


“Justice Jones is intelligent and pulse-pounding. With a small cast and 2 locations it is ideally suited for a micro-budget shoot and has great franchise potential.” 

Who is Justice Jones? Not even he knows for sure in this explosive and action-packed thriller. A concussive blast during a Presidential attack, and the ensuing surgery to piece his skull back together, leaves him with memory loss and scrambling for answers to his true identity.

Racing against time, Justice battles to unlock the secrets of his life and discovers he’s an elite agent with a 50-million-dollar surgical upgrade to his brain designed to make him the ultimate fighting machine.

But the surgeon who helped him is the same guy that wants him dead.

This doctor runs an underground fight ring and Justice will be his star. Justice will be unbeatable and a sure bet to win with his surgical improvements.

But when a few of the “upgrades” go bad Justice, refuses to fight anymore. Now the doctor has no use for him.

And the government no longer trusts him.

That’s when Justice becomes their number one target.

Can Justice discover who he really is and expose this corruption before time runs out?

This low-budget script has great franchise potential and is designed for a micro-budget shoot.


Train yard

Medical facility

3 speaking roles